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Perks of Booking a Flight With a Travel Agent

The majority of travellers face tremendous amounts of stress while crafting their trip itineraries. Yes, even the frequent ones! Since all of us prefer allocating our budget at the actual destination, we despise spending extra on already over-priced flights. We spend countless hours on the web in hopes of booking the cheapest flights to our destinations and back.

Luckily, travel agents operate in all corners of the world. These professionals assist you in arranging the most convenient modes of transportation and accommodations. Reliable travel agents strive to make travelling a breeze for you.

Listed below are a few benefits of consulting a travel agent instead of spending hours browsing through online flight portals.

Save Time and Money

Many people enjoy planning out their trips, but not everyone has an interest or time to plan out the smaller details. Travel agents are proficient is designing customized itineraries that contain information about your transportation, stopovers, housing, site seeing, food, and unique visits. You can allocate your time towards other important tasks, such as packing. Wish there was a professional for that too!

You will be happy to know that travel agents also have access to exclusive promotions and excellent discounts. Therefore, they can provide you with exciting savings and added perks.

Knight in Shining Armour

Imagine being stranded at an airport with a cancelled flight you booked online and zero refunds. The airline staff gives you the time-old excuse of an overbooked plane while the customer service of the online flight portal can’t help because your 48-hour cancellation period has passed. Who do you call to seek help?

Travel agents develop a professional relationship with you while planning your travel itinerary. They are a call away in case of cancellations and mix-ups. Equipped with extensive knowledge of all your bookings, they can negotiate with other professionals to ensure your safety and convenience.

Moreover, many travel agents are available around the clock on a direct line. The service allows you to skip a time-consuming chain of customer service representatives in the headquarters of online flight portal companies.

Personalized Service

The standard functionality of online travel portals fails to consider individual preferences and restrictions. Whereas travel agents speak with you directly and book accommodations based on the types of locality, food, and activities you prefer.

No Hidden Fees

Travel portals compete by price and advertise deceivingly low fees for their flights and accommodations. Many customers are taken back by the total cost once additional taxes and maintenance charges get added. Meanwhile, trustworthy travel agents prioritize transparency and honesty with their clients. They are bound to disclose all types of fees to you and keep no secrets.

Durham Travel

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