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10 Reasons Travel Agents Are Better Than the Internet for Hotel Booking

Thanks to the multitude of websites out there nowadays that help you plan a vacation and book your hotels, you do not have to go to a travel agent to book the trip of your dreams. While this is true, it is highly inadvisable and many of the things that attract people to try and DIY their vacation hotel bookings are not actually worth it in the end. The supposed savings open up your booking to hidden fees that negate the original savings, the actual savings travel agents can get you are unavailable, and a travel agent is there to make sure that you enjoy your vacation and are available in case of emergency. Here is our list of why you should always go with a travel agent when booking your vacation.


Sometimes things go wrong while you are on vacation. Maybe your hotel is not what it advertised? Perhaps a hotel accidentally overbooked and are no longer going to honour your room? Things can happen, especially overbookings if you arrive late (after 6 p.m.), have not indicated before your arrival that it will be a late arrival, or have not put a credit card down to book the room. While a good hotel should take care of you, especially if you put your credit card down, you can end up in a jam in a foreign city.

If you have booked with a travel agent though, then you can call them 24/7 to help you find some emergency accommodation. They will be happy to help you out and have a lot more weight to throw around when it comes to getting things done - you can leave one bad review, they can stop sending clients to that hotel altogether! If a hotel or resort has to cancel someone's vacation because they overbooked they are going to cancel someone who booked independently through a website, as your travel agent will be there to advocate for you if they try to do that to you.

No Hidden Fees

A lot of online booking agents have various hidden fees that you are not told about up front. These add up and can end up pushing you outside of the budget you set for your trip if you are not careful. Travel agents do not have hidden fees.

Saved Money!

Travel agents are often given discount codes and promotions from suppliers to encourage them to send you to their hotel. They sometimes can get you perks as well at your resort or hotel, including dining and spa credits that you would never be able to get through a hotel booking website.

They're Experts

You may have your heart set on one specific hotel, or not know which hotel to go with or where to stay in a city at all. This is where a travel agent can come into play and help you out. They know all sorts of great hidden gems and based on what you want to do on your trip and what kind of person you are (do you like an early, quiet night? Lots of crazy nightlife?) they can pick out the best location for you and help you make your decision on where you stay.

Booking your own hotel is a hassle that takes up a ton of time, doesn't end up saving you money, and can end up ruining a trip if the hotel overbooks. Hiring a travel agent, like one of the talented members of the Durham Travel team, will ensure you get the trip you want. Our travel agency in Oshawa is here for you; we will get you the best deal possible that is just for you.

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