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Looking for an exciting, affordable holiday destination for the whole family? Have you ever considered Sicily in southern Italy? The Mediterranean island has a rich, complex history that goes back many centuries with much of it well preserved in museums, monumental architectures, chapels, Doric-style Greek temples and wine estates. On its eastern edge is the enigmatic Mount Etna, one of Europe’s highest active volcanoes. From the beguiling multicultural capital, Palermo, to the scenic countryside, see what spectacular Sicily has to offer.

Things to See in Sicily

Nature: Sicily is an island in Italy that is blessed with astonishingly eclectic natural beauty. Majestic mountains, rolling hills, deep blue sea, active volcanoes and nature reserves, the island has a unique landscape that embraces it all. On the west coast is the salt pans between Trapani and Marsala where hot African winds and warm summers combine to provide the perfect climate for salt-production that is a major ingredient for food preservation, influencing the lives of millions of people around the Mediterranean region and Europe. The salt pans at Stagnone are worth a visit as are the museums that explain how the area developed over the years. Take a ferry to the Phoenician archaeological site of Mothya on Isola San Pantaleo. A few miles ahead you will find the Egadi islands and unforgettable sunsets. Call Durham Travel to find out more.

Historical Architecture: Sicily, as we all know, is packed with history. There are treasures to see from several eras. The Agrigento Valley of Temples is just one of them. Villa Romana del Casale in Enna is a well preserved villa that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The twin towns of Ragusa and Modica showcases stunning Baroque art. Collections at the Archaeological Museum in Sicily’s capital, Palermo, rank as one of Italy’s best. The cathedral of Monreale built with dazzling mosaics in the 1100s has a place among Europe’s best in architecture and art. Don’t miss the Cottanera Etna Doc Winery or the Terrazze dell’Etna winery while you are at it. Durham Travel offers tours that make sure you see what you set out to, in a wide variety of packages, including guided luxurious tours with meals included.

Culinary Landscape: It is impossible to talk about Italy without mentioning cuisine. The culinary landscape is as eclectic as it’s natural landscape and complex history. Southern Italian cuisine is famous for its tomato infused flavours in the sun-drenched summers. Taste delicious red sauces, pizzas, salads flavoured in olive oil in little known coastal towns and villages for the most authentic tastes. Guided tour packages include long walks across uneven terrain, paved paths, hills and streets to taste fine wine, Campanian cooking, and exquisite marzipan sweets that resemble miniature fruits and vegetables in wicker baskets. Sample rice pancakes called “rice crepes in Benedictine style” invented in the sixteenth century by the nuns of the Benedictines Monastery of Catania and a wide variety of intensely, uniquely flavoured pasta such as the “vruoccoli arriminati,” that’s famous in Palermo area, mixed with broccoli, onion, pine nuts and raisins. Sicilian cooking is full of gluten-free dishes such as seafood and fish so there’s something for everyone.

Wine Tastings: Sicily has a long history of fine wines from collaborations between diverse groups of people. It is one of the first Italian regions to practice enology - the science and art of wine making. The sun, sea breeze, hills and expert hands have combined to harvest some of the most extraordinary varieties of Sicilian wines known on the international stage. Wine tours are a must for tasting selections from a variety of native grapes. Don’t miss Marsala, the first and most famous DOC liqueur wine that is produced in the province of Trapani.

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