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Travel can be an exhilarating experience but if it’s not planned well, you can feel more stressed than you anticipated. Much of it is beyond your control. Whether you are a new traveller or veteran, delayed flights, navigating your way around a new place, struggling to understand an unfamiliar language, hotel room bookings, and food that doesn’t suit your palate can all take a toll on your mental and physical health, diluting the joy of the trip. Below are a few travel tips from the trusted travel professionals at Durham Travel to ease your anxiety and increase the joy.

5 Travel Tips to Reduce Stress

1. Plan Ahead: The first step to getting organized in any aspect of life is to plan ahead. Travelling is no different. Take every small detail into consideration. Book your tickets and hotel rooms well in advance. That’s half the battle won. The money you save can be budgeted for better meals at more reliable places. One thing you musn’t compromise on when travelling is eating safe. While street food looks tempting, hygiene standards don’t always match those found in Canada. It pays to spend a bit extra and dine in safe, reliable eateries, especially when you have children with you.

2. Arrive Before Time: Make sure you arrive a little before time everywhere. This might require you to sleep a little early so you wake up fresh. Airports can be extremely stressful. Arrive at least two hours before time to help you stay calm, focused and ready to take on unexpected challenges. Carry a neck pillow, magazine or some music in case of delays. Carry extra formula, food, an extra set of clothes and engaging toys for children. Ensure you have travel insurance. Preparing for emergency situations keeps you calm when the time arrives.

3. Group Tours: One way to drastically reduce travel stress is by consulting a travel agent and joining a group tour. At Durham Travel, all logistics are taken care of at unbelievable prices, right from local transport to rooms, meals to entry fees. It is a great way of keeping your budget on track, explore destinations with like-minded people and keep stress at bay.

4. Bus Tours: Hop-on-hop-off bus tours offer you the flexibility of navigating around a city without stress. Simply buy a pass and travel over a network of cities. There are great bus tour services in Europe, New Zealand, South America, and Australia.

5. Cruise Vacations: One way to beat stress is by booking a cruise vacation. At Durham, Luxury cruises cover several destinations with a host of conveniences thrown in. Your meals are placed before you right on time; sleeping arrangements are hassle-free; a variety of onboard entertainment and recreational facilities are provided for the whole family. You explore the city during the day and retreat to the ship once you are done to prepare for the next day’s adventure.

Reduce Travel Stress with Durham Travel

Travel consultants can save you a lot of time with planning and bookings. You feel safe and secure in unfamiliar surroundings. In unexpected situations, you know who to call for assistance.

As expert travel planners, Durham Travel ensures you enjoyable, hassle-free trips to any part of the world. Our cruise vacations make travelling to exotic destinations easy. We offer a variety of group tours and customized packages to suit your itinerary and budget with lots of extras thrown in to add to the excitement. Please contact us to know more.

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