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Cape Town Calling

With cold winds, icy roads, and freezing temperatures at our doorstep, it is difficult not to dream for warmer, sunnier times. Fortunately, that does not only exist in your dreams during this time of year. You could be relaxing at a beachfront bar or strolling through a vibrant-coloured cityscape right now. Cape Town is the perfect place to escape during the winter because their seasons are opposite to ours. That means that while we are shivering over here, South Africans are soaking in the sun. Make the most of your winter vacation by venturing outside of the usual getaway spots. Cape Town has everything you need to unwind and some extras that will leave you feeling fulfilled and well-rested. Here are some reasons to visit South Africa's capital.

Everything in One Spot

Cape Town has beaches, mountains, gardens, and harbours all in one city. You do not have to choose between spending your time relaxing on a beach, hiking a mountain, strolling through a garden, or shopping along a harbour because this city lets you do it all. 

A View Without the Effort

If hiking does not sound appealing to you, you have the option of taking a cable car to the top of Table Mountain. Considering it is 1,055 metres high and average temperatures during this time of year are close to 30'C, no one will blame you for taking the easy way up. The mountain got its name because the top of it is flat and rectangular like a table. It is one of the city's most popular attractions with 800,000 visitors each year and offers spectacular views of the area, including the Atlantic Ocean. One the summit of the mountain, at least one wedding takes place there each week. 

Beaches Everywhere

Picturesque beaches are boarding the city, ensuring you will find a place to lay out without being surrounded by crowds. If you enjoy socializing on a beach though, there are also plenty of beachfront bars where you can watch the sunset with a drink in hand. There is even a beach filled with penguins called Boulders beach. It is home to about 3,000 penguins and is your best chance to meet one in a warm climate. 

Pools Galore

If you do not like dealing with the sand and seagulls beaches have, there are also numerous public seaside pools to enjoy. You can still enjoy the water and get a view of the Atlantic Ocean without worrying about drifting off in it. Sea Point swimming pool is open all year round and offers some of the most scenic views from a pool. 

Surreal Landscape

Kirstenbosch gardens is unlike any other garden you have seen before. It has such an abundance of exotic flowers and plants that you will forget you are just outside a major city. Enjoy the excitement of a city and the unique landscapes of South Africa. Because domestic travel is relatively inexpensive here, you could easily take day trips to a vineyard or join a safari. 

Tourist Town

Cape Town is like an amusement park for tourists. Besides perfect weather and gorgeous sights, there are plenty of activities to do and things to experience. While Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is known to be a bit of a tourist trap, it has fabulous restaurants with unique dishes, open bar cruises, and so much shopping right at your fingertips. It is the type of tourist trap you should embrace and immerse yourself in. Long Street has a similar vibe to Bourbon Street in New Orleans during Mardi Gras without the overcrowding and overpriced beverages. Nightlife here is unmatched with cheap drinks and a fun music scene that is on the verge of taking off.

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