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When you’re travelling there is a lot that can go right, but just as much that can go wrong. Whether it’s your first time travelling, or if you already have a good amount of countries under your belt, here are eight of the most common travel mistakes that you should make sure to avoid!


When packing your bags, only bring what you need. Remember that many hotels and hostels include laundry services, so it’s best to bring fewer clothes and keep personal items to a minimum. Travelling light is always the best way to go, especially if you are travelling for a long period of time. 

Planning a massive itinerary

Remember, travelling is fun, but it can also be tiring. You should be careful not to pack too much into your schedule because it’s likely you are eventually going to run out of gas and need a day to take it easy and rest up a bit. 

Sticking to the tourist trail

Sure, seeing a city’s top tourist attractions is all well and good, but if you ONLY visit these places, you’ll miss out on so much. It’s a great idea to do some research and see what else each city you visit has to offer aside from the tourist hotspots. 

Being careless with your budget

Running out of money while travelling is only going to complicate things and stress you out, so make sure you are budgeting properly for your trip and that you can afford everything you have planned. Your credit card can get you out of almost any jam, but you still don’t want to rack up a giant credit card bill you can’t afford to pay. 

Forgetting to buy insurance

Travel insurance is very important, and forgetting to purchase it can lead to huge problems. If something happens to you in a foreign country, and you’re not insured, you could end up paying massive medical bills. Insurance can also help you with things such as lost baggage and cancelled or delayed trips, not to mention giving you peace of mind. 

Keeping your bank in the dark

If you don’t inform your bank of your travel plans, they could end up freezing your account once they see that your debit or credit card is being used oversees. Unless you want to spend hours of your trip trying to call your bank to let them know everything is fine, make sure to tell them that you’ll be travelling. 

Tempting pickpockets

You need to avoid wearing fancy jewellery or flashing your cash around while travelling because this is just an invitation for pickpockets to rob you blind. Leave the flashy jewellery behind and keep your cash concealed at all times. 

Keeping all of your cash on you

Speaking of cash, make sure to never keep all of yours on you at once; should a pickpocket get their hands on it, you don’t want them making off with ALL of your money. Instead, keep the bulk of your money in a secure place such as a safe or locker at your hostel or hotel, and only take with you what you’ll need for the day’s activities. 

Avoid these travelling mistakes and you’ll be sure to have a safer and much more enjoyable trip. Bon, voyage! 

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