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How To Pack Your Camera Bag Perfectly For Travel

Whether you’re a professional photographer or take pictures for fun, travel is the perfect opportunity to capture some incredible shots. Your camera may be one of the first items you pack for your journey, but how will you pack it exactly? Photography equipment is expensive and protecting it during travel is paramount. Relieve yourself of the stress and keep your camera and photography equipment protected with Durham Travel’s five essential tips below.

1. Remove All Parts

This may not be the most exciting part of packing, however, it is essential to properly pack camera equipment. Break down camera components by removing the lens and screwing on the caps that separate components. This is a fundamental aspect of protecting your photography gear while travelling. When the lens is left on, the mounting threads can become damaged. A camera travels much more easily and safely when the pieces are separate.

2. Keep Everything Packed Tight

Before you pack the photography parts into your bag, ensure they’re tightly covered. Ensure the lens caps, covers, cases and any straps are all tight and secure, along with SD cards and extra batteries. You do not want your expensive equipment shifting and rattling around while en route to your destination. After you pack your equipment, give the camera bag a slight shake and check after to ensure everything is tucked in place and secure.

3. Don’t Check It On The Plane

Protect your investment, don’t check it! Your camera equipment contains various expensive components that do not belong in a checked bag. Camera gear is permitted as a carry-on and it’s in your best interest to keep your camera bag on you when you board the plane. If you’re driving or taking a train, ensure you keep your camera gear on you at all times as well. In the event where you must check your photography equipment, purchase a protective case to keep it secure. 

4. Get Travel Insurance

If you don’t already, ensure you get travel insurance prior to your next trip! If the worst-case scenario were to occur (i.e. your camera breaking or getting stolen), you will be covered. Having at least some form of coverage can relieve you of that worry during the trip to allow you to focus on what matters; capturing the perfect shot.

5. Keep Your Cords Organized

Charging cords should never be tossed into the bag and placed anywhere. Ensure you coil them and place them in a separate compartment in the camera bag away from the gear. This not only reduces clutter and keeps your gear organized, but it also keeps your camera protected and allows you to access the cables and charge your camera easily.

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