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What could be more exciting than packing in anticipation of your trip? Making room in your suitcase for all the new items you bought during your vacation! Exploring Europe, Africa, India or even taking a road trip through North America is an adventure that you’ll never forget! Photographs can capture your exceptional moments, but nothing compares to the treasured keepsakes that represent the cultures you’ve encountered. 

However, it can be easy to overdo it while shopping abroad, which is why it’s crucial for your budget and time to shop wisely. Our expert travel agency in Oshawa has the most useful tips to keep your international shop gratifying and budget-friendly. Check out Durham Travel’s three essential travel tips below.

1. Create A Budget And Stick To It

There’s a world of opportunity from gifts for the family to new artifacts for your home when it comes to shopping abroad. It’s easily tempting to splurge on t-shirts, paintings or cultural novelties, however, that could result in the consumption of your travel expenses and not much left in your budget. It’s sensible to create a limit for your purchases before the trip and avoid going over it. Exploring different countries is an expensive endeavour and you can’t afford to be reckless! Consider emergencies when creating your budget and actively keep an eye on your spending habits.

2. Get Ready To Haggle

If you’re travelling abroad, the likelihood of the areas you’ll be visiting and shopping in having several street vendors is quite high. There will be an assortment of items that may catch your eye, however, it’s crucial to only put your hands on items you’re purchasing! If you handle an expensive item that you are not considering buying, the vendor will most likely do everything in their power to have you buy it. Browse wisely and don’t be afraid to haggle. Haggle items that you genuinely want to purchase and do your research on the country prior. In some parts of the world, you may get a deal if you haggle assertively, whereas other countries may find it rude and prefer haggling to be done using a softer tone.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask The Locals Advice

Whether you’re in search of the best place to find affordable souvenirs or to have a delicious meal, the locals will know best. Regardless of how thoroughly you research the country, you’ll be travelling, you may still find yourself unaware of hidden spots and affordable places. If you feel comfortable, ask the locals living in the area to point you in the right direction. 

At Durham Travel, our travel experts will help you plan every detail of your trip from the best tours to great ways to shop. You’re in good hands with our travel agency in Whitby and guarantee you’ll be getting the value for your dollar. Get in touch with us to start planning the trip of your dreams today!

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