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7 Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Summer is the perfect time to travel to most parts of the world, especially between June and August. However, travelling can be full of hassles if you don’t plan well or are unprepared for emergencies. These months are also the peak season so prices are at their highest and hotel rooms are usually booked. Nothing is more annoying than to travel for hours and reach your destination only to find no room. Make sure you plan ahead and avoid these common travel mistakes before you pack your bags:

Travelling Heavy

The last thing you want when travelling is to lug around a heavy bag that leaves you with a backache and costs you extra dollars at the airport. Make sure you pick and choose your clothes wisely. Avoid clothes that crush easily or weigh a lot. You can do laundry if you plan for a long holiday. Also, make sure you learn about the country’s culture and dressing habits before you pack your bags to avoid embarrassment later.

Hectic Schedules

A big mistake is to maximize your trip by covering too many places or planning too many activities at once. Give yourself and your children especially, some time to rest and recover from hectic schedules. Take time to know each destination well before rushing off to another.

Not Confirming Reservations

Before you head out, confirm your flight trip and hotel reservations. Keep your tickets and itinerary at hand for easy access. Carry your international driver’s license if you have one. You may need to hire a car after you arrive. Carry copies of your ID cards and travel documents just in case you lose them. Always carry extra cash for emergencies. A good practice is to store images of all documents on your phone. Read up online reviews of hotels, transport options, trip destinations, and travel agencies before you book.

No Cell Phone Roaming

This is one of the most common mistakes that can cost you a lot. Make sure your cell phone plan covers data roaming. If it is not covered, turn off your data before you board the flight. Buy a local SIM card as soon as you reach your destination.

Passport Problems

Check your passport expiry date before you head out. Don’t forget to check the children’s passports too! Many countries require you to update your passport at least six months prior to expiry. Make sure you carry valid visas. Check the travel rules and regulations of the destination before you set out. It always helps to double check with a friend who lives there (if you have any) or your local travel agent for guidance to be on top of things.

Not Carrying Essentials in Hand Luggage

Millions of bags are lost every year in transit when you fly. It is important to carry a change of clothes or two in your handbag, everytime you travel. Also, carry a small medical kit for emergencies, especially if you are on medication. If you have children with you, this is a must for emergencies. Make sure expensive items like jewelry and watches are in your handbag too.

Incorrect Credit Card

Some credit cards charge extra for international transactions. Try to get a credit card with no transaction fee for travel purposes. Inform your bank about your travel plans through the “travel notification” on the website so you’re not locked out of your account in an emergency.

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