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These getaways are perfect for those who want to skip winter or take their time exploring a place they have never been to before. Long-stay vacation packages last between 20 to 45 days and typically include round-trip airfare, airport transfers, hotel or condo accommodations, daily breakfast, and assistance from a local Canadian host. Choosing to get away for a longer period of time allows you to explore a country in more depth, immerse yourself in the local culture, and experience the city like a local.

Great Value

These packages are chosen less often than short-stay packages, making them more likely to get discounted. You could stay in a warm destination by the water for three weeks for the same price as a one-week, all-inclusive resort. Long-stay vacations are not just for those who have retired anyway. More and more people have flexible work schedules or have the ability to work remotely, making a longer vacation easier to plan for. These trips are becoming increasingly popular with parents of young children up to the age of four, who have one parent working remotely or travelling, while the other is the main caregiver. If you happen to live in an area that is in-demand, you could rent out your home while you are away to help fund your trip as well.


Sometimes, it can feel like you’re headed back to the airport before you have even had the chance to get settled. Long-stays let you take your time exploring a country, giving you enough time to actually unpack your suitcase. You have the option to take a day trip to another city or even another country that is less frequented by tourists. There is no need to rush from place to place and you can be more flexible with your plans.

Live like a Local

You will stay long enough to feel like a local by the end of your trip. Pick up local ingredients and learn how to cook the local cuisine.

If the thought of getting away for more than a moment appeals to you, contact us today to speak to one of our long-stay vacation experts. We can help you find the perfect place to unwind, explore, and learn new things.


There have been several studies that have proven taking vacations can boost your well-being, relieve stress, and even reduce your risk of heart attack and depression. It provides a break from the monotony and can improve your work performance. You may also find that you are more inclined to eat healthy while on a longer trip. A hot climate might make you crave fresh salad and fruit more. Sunshine helps boost our vitamin D reserves, which is typically lower in winter months.

If you want to experience so much more than a simple one-week vacation, contact one of our travel agents who will make sure you make the most of your long-stay vacation. Whether you would like to book all-inclusive accommodations or rent a place for yourself, we can help create the perfect holiday for you.

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